Saturday, August 6, 2011

New style

Hubby and I went out for the night. I did a quick cute style and we were out of the door. I braided the front in 5 braids then put the back in a bun. I posted a smilar style in 2010. The only real diference this time is my bun is much larger and I used a thin net to round my bun instead of a scrunchie.


  1. Okay, it time to confess all!!!!! I GET LOCK ENVY everytime i see your regimented are your locks?? So neat, no visible issues just BANG TIDY!

  2. Thanks! No need for loc envy. :) I follow a pretty normal routine. I have sisterlocks and my locs are retightened every 6 weeks. I wash my locs at least every 10 day. I keep my locs and scalp moisturized. I get about half of my styles from Youtube.

  3. This is a very cute and sleek style.